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Protect Your HPLC Columns While In Use | Keep Systems In Service Longer

Protecting your HPLC column is not just about saving money and buying more columns. It is about data integrity, fewer investigations due to column error and keeping your systems running and trouble free.

Guard Columns are one way to protect your columns while in use. Guard columns should always match your analytical or prep column's stationary phase. The matching phases will make your column a few millimeters longer but will not change the selectivity. If you choose a different phase, you may be trapping some of your analytes. This technique is well known but, not considered column protection.

Guard columns will adsorb many chemical entities as well as undissolved particles prior to reaching your column. These particles may permanently adsorb to the analytical column changing it's character and selectivity. When the guard column is no longer functioning, showing changes to your peak shape or retention time, it’s time to replace it.

The Holders for the Cogent guard systems are listed on this page and the actual guard cartridges are listed with their respective stationary phases.

Pre-Column Filters:MicroSolv's technical team strongly recommends that you filter every sample before you inject them into your column with a syringe filter. However, even with pre-filtering, your samples could agglomerate or precipitate in the vial or pick up particles from your injector. An additional and most economical way to protect your columns and guard columns is to use a disposable, Pre-Column Filter. These low-cost filters have finger tight fittings that are easily hand tightened into the inlet nut of the HPLC column or guard column. The stainless steel frit inside this filter is available in 0.5um, 2um or 10um pore sizes. When you see back pressure rising, it’s time to replace the pre-column filter with its trapped particles.

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